Who are we and what do we do?

We are Makers Isle of Man Limited and we’re behind the platform for independent Manx Makers. It’s the only online marketplace for handcrafted, small-batch & reworked vintage products made exclusively in the Isle of Man. We present the products of independent Manx creative businesses to potential customers and facilitate the sales transaction. Shopping on Makers.im works the same as anywhere else online, however you’re buying directly from independent Manx sellers.

Makers Isle of Man Limited is registered in the Isle of Man with Company number 133187C. If you need to get in touch with us, please click here and complete the contact form.

Why did we start it?

Basically….because it didn’t previously exist. We felt there was a real need to offer our local talented artisans an online selling facility.  For buyers, it provides a one-stop shop to see what’s right on our doorstep. There are so many talented people here and a lot go unseen by the general public and certainly further afield. We’re trying to help them reach out further than just Craft fairs and provide another avenue for selling their products and establishing their small businesses.

What are our values?

To encourage the hobbyist and the dabbler to mix with the full time local artisans on one local platform. Our site is open to everyone to open to list their products. Promoting and giving independent makers and creators of anything the opportunity to sell their creations – artists, bakers, jewellers, potters, knitters, sewers, carpenters, designers, the list is limitless.

How do we differentiate from any other online marketplace?

It’s purely for Manx Makers. Our sellers’ products have to be made or designed in the Isle of Man. Each seller also gets their own Makers URL for advertising and that takes people directly to their own storefront e.g. http://blackberrybunny.makers.im/ or https://lulas.makers.im

What is the biggest draw for local artisans using this site?

Price and exclusivity. Other than payment processing charges, we’ve guaranteed that there will be no additional charges to sellers until at least April 2020 whilst we gauge running costs and growth. We’re not in this to make money and we don’t have a selection committee – no one will judge your artwork or your craftwork. We’re self-funded so we can guarantee no bias.

What are our long term plans?

To showcase the unique, quirky and brilliant things the talented people here on our island are making.